• Meet the Mechanix

    Stephen Smith


    A scientist and student of sociology/psychology first, Stephen prefers seeking out logical explanations for situations rather than jumping to conclusions. His goal in this is to help others understand the world around them and, the nature of the gifts they hold inside.


    Stephen is an Energy Alchemist and intuitive healer. Having been born blind, He has gained a higher empathic sense as well as an ability to see the emotional and energetic responses of others or, their "auras". In his mid teens he was trained by the Draconic Alchemic Circle in energy manipulation, aura cleansing and. removal of negative influences. This includes: dispelling curses, bindings, psychic blocks and removal of harmful attachments.


    Stephen’s studies have led him to understand many faiths and practices and he is well versed in several forms of exorcism. In recent years, he has accepted a role as teacher and have received the title of Senior Master in his Order.


    Brian Gibson


    Being a minister, Brian has been able to help people in finding a spiritual direction as an intuitive counselor. His goal is to be kind, caring, and compassionate to someone's individual situation, but sometime being a little bit more firm to help a person realize the reality of their situation. Brian has the understanding of the "I Am," programming that people have to help them achieve their goals and live a more fulfilled life.


    Brian is also a physical healer, being a medical intuitive, he uses the information he receives, along with the alchemy, to stimulate the body's own healing.


    Brian also helps Steve and Tiff run the administration of Spirit Mechanix, where he handles the scheduling and logistics of the group and assembling teams based on the need case by case.


    Ethan Conn


    As a member of Spirit Mechanix, Ethan offers guided meditations, crystal healing and primarily energetic healing on the emotional side of the spirit. This is not to say that he cannot do the other aspects, it is just what he specializes in.


    Ethan started energy work when he was young, probably around the age of 14. At that time, he was interested in and trying to find out more about the concept of energetic healing. Ethan did not really start practicing until about two years later. When he started working with crystals and seeing how they help others, he began to realize the importance of it and that he, in fact, had the ability to do so.


    All in all, Ethan’s overall goal for himself and everyone in Spirit Mechanix is to help others.

    Tiffany Antle


    Tiff is the wife, the financial guru, an empath, and a reader. She is available to do the thing when she is needed and is a great resource for Spirit Mechanix.


    With many abilities up her sleeve, she is a force that gets it done.



    Kris Davis


    Kris (known as Davis) has been working / studying in the field of metaphysics from a very early age. He is a Thrice Master from the College of the Blue Butterfly (completing the lore schools of the Gwyddon College).


    Davis is a Reiki master in the following systems: Usui; Karuna Ki; Sacred Flame; Gold; Tachyon; Ethereal Crystal; Kundalini. He has been a Tarot reader and he has studied and worked with various Celtic pantheon based systems. One of his focuses is the use of sigils, wards, and seals in practice to deal with various entities. 


    Davis has worked several cases with the Spirit Mechanix, and with Steve Smith prior to the Mechanix. He is a certified Ghost Hunter and a Master Energy Alchemist. He enjoys working with different groups and people and helping them find peace in trying times.

    Dustin Miles

    Senior Mechanic

    Dustin started on metaphysics when he was only 15, when he and his uncle went into a small witch shop in the town he lived in and began to mess around with the books they found in there. This led Dustin to look more into everything metaphysical and finding out his gifts as he grew older.


    They met Steve at the witch shop and after hanging out a couple times they decided to start working together, and he's been doing the thing since then.


    As far as gifts go, Dustin is a sensitive to the metaphysical, like most in the group. He also enjoys using runes and sigils in his work and is very in tune with healing energies and cleansings (house, personal, etc).

    Missy Swango

    Manager/Team Member

    Missy is a Relationship & Intimacy Coach and has a passion for helping people with relationship issues. She grew up realizing that she could “feel” what other people around her were feeling; ailments, emotions or otherwise.


    Missy has always had deep intuition but did not formally add this aspect to her counseling services until 2015. She offers a complete Relationship & Intimacy Intuitive Consulting Service that is unlike any other Intuitive Reader. One can expect to have a sincere, unique and confidential consultation with Missy. She offers practical “real life” solutions as well as spiritual and intuitive messages for the client's source issue. She has completed many hours and certifications in Women's Health, Child Psychology, Parapsychology, Intimacy & Sexual Health and Intuitive Counseling.


    Missy manages Spirit Mechanix and is lovingly known as the "Cat Hearder".

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